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ExtraLife Produce Saver

From: $4.79 every 3 months

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Join the club and we will replensish your ExtraLife supply every 3 months – Order once and you’re set!

  • Money Back Guarantee!
  • Each ExtraLife Produce Saver lasts 3 months
  • You’ll need one produce saver for each produce drawer
  • No bags or containers - simply remove the seal, write in the date and place in drawer.
  • Easy, secure one-time setup in minutes
  • Save 20% compared to one time orders
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Product Description

ExtraLife Produce Saver in the Press


ExtraLife makes your fruits and vegetables last longer, guaranteed. Your produce begins to rot because many fruits and vegetables release ethylene gas, which causes the ripening of fruits and vegetables to accelerate. Ethylene is colorless therefore goes undetected. ExtraLife uses zeolites to convert this ethylene gas into harmless water vapor to keep your produce from spoiling too quickly!

ethylene gas fruits and vegetables
  • Made in USA
  • 100% Natural and Safe
  • Recyclable

Leave the hard part to us. We’ll make sure to send you your selected supply of ExtraLife Produce savers every three months so you don’t even have to think about it. The produce saver will arrive at your door! Join the Club and start saving.

Dimensions The sleek and compact design leaves you more room in your drawers. The produce saver is only 3.5″ Wide by .75″ tall -

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Quantity of Produce Savers

1 (One time Purchase), 1 (Club Membership), 3 (Club Membership), 6 (Club Membership)


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