How Does Extra Life Produce Saver Work?

It’s Simply Brilliant

Ethylene gas is produced by many fruits and vegetables as they ripen. This gas, which is present in our refrigerators, causes produce to spoil quickly. Extra Life converts ethylene gas into harmless water vapor so your fruits and vegetables ripen much slower. ..learn more about Extra Life.

Extra Life Produce Saver- With and Without
Fruits and Vegetables stay fresher longer with Extra Life

Stop Throwing Away Money!

The Average consumer throws away more than half of all the fruits and vegetables they buy every month!

Extra Life will reduce the amount you throw away simply because you have more time to eat your produce, guaranteed. Order Now

Eat healthier, feel better

Let’s face it - eating healthy is something we all could use a little help with. Extra Life keeps your fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. Eat healthy, be happy and live longer. Learn more on our blog about healthy produce.

ExtraLife - Cooking Club of America - Member Tested and and Recommended

ExtraLife® was field-tested by 500 members of the Cooking Club of America, which awarded the product its coveted seal of approval and recommended ExtraLife® for use by its quarter million club members.

The active ingredient in ExtraLife® is completely safe and works naturally in your refrigerator.

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ExtraLife - Keep Your Produce Fresh

How do I use Extra Life?

  1. Order online - it’s easy. Order Now
  2. When ExtraLife arrives at your door, remove the quality seal, write in the date and place in your produce drawer
  3. Replace every 3 months for premium produce freshness. Join the club and your veggies will be in heaven.

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